The Indigenous Health Lab
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First Nation Communities

We work with a number of First Nation communities in Ontario to address their health and environment concerns.

The Chippewas of the Thames First Nation

The Ojibways of Batchewana First Nation

The Ojibways of the Pic River First Nation

The Oneida Nation of the Thames First Nation



James Fortier

James Fortier
As part of one of our CIHR-funded studies, we are producing an educational documentary about transfer of Indigenous knowledge between Anishinabe Elders and youth on the North shore of Lake Superior. We are working with Indigenous film-maker, James Fortier to carry out this work. Stay tuned!

Turtle Island Productions


Health Centres

In addressing the health and social inequalities of Indigenous peoples, there is great need for health and socio-economic related information. We are currently working with the following Aboriginal health centres (both located in Ontario, Canada) to explore and document the health and socio-economic challenges they see as important among their clientele, including food insecurity, social support and educational outcomes. Ultimately, we collaborate with these health centres in the spirit of improving health information that will better enable them to improve upon these social determinants of health.

S.O.A.H.A.C. Food Choice Study

The SOAHAC Food Choice Study - Feast at N'Amerind Friendship Centre (2009)

The Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre

The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health






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